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Take advatage of our starter specials to get your business online!

oso digital Starter Winter Special

Are you looking to increase your business's revenue? With our winter starter special, we are offering a limited number of new clients a substantial discount on the following services:

Special prices are shown in red. For monthly fees, the duration of the special price is shown in brackets. After this duration, the standard pricing will apply.

To view our full range of services and standard pricing see our Pricing page.

Special Terms and Conditions

  • The special is only applicable to businesses which contact us via our website
  • The special will be limited to the first 10 successful applicants
  • A deposit of 20% is required prior to the start of a project

    Website Cost for Perth Business

    Below outlines how we charge (approximately) to create websites for small businesses in Perth...

    First of all, your business will require a domain name and a hosting service.

    Domain name (e.g. - $13 per year

    Website Hosting - $8 per month
    Good website hosting is vital for a fast loading website! We have partnered with Netorigin to provide our clients with great hosting right here in Perth.

    Once this is sorted, we can create your website.

    Website Design & Setup Cost - $1,900 $1,000

    Our websites start at $1,900 $1,000 for most small business websites.

    The price includes:

    • Up to 10 web pages
    • Wordpress Content Management System
    • Customized theme
    • Responsive website (mobile friendly)
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Technical SEO
      • Website performance enhancements such as caching, image optimization, etc.
    • Multiple contact forms
    • Social media integration
    • Social media optimization
    • Google MyBusiness setup
    • Google analytics setup
    • Google Search Console setup
    • Blog ready
    • Special includes free Facebook Page setup and optimization

    The price excludes:

    • Webpage content: text and business related images to be provided by client. We can provide copywriting services for $75 per hour.
    • Logo and graphics design. Can be provided at $75 per hour.
    • Custom coding where Wordpress theme not sufficient.
    • Email set up

    Email Setup - $90 $0 to set up 3 email accounts

    Most hosting plans come with space which can be used for your email accounts. We can set these up for you. Our base price is $90 $0 and includes 3 email accounts. Additional accounts are $20 $10 each. We will provide you with information on how to set these up with an email client such as Outlook or your mobile phone. Note: if we need to visit you in your office specifically for email set up an additional fee of $90 will apply.

    Website Maintenance - $45 $0 per month (for first 3 months)

    To keep your website secure, running fast and up to date (yes, websites need updates too!), it is critical that a website has a proper maintenance schedule in place.

    Online Store Cost for Perth Business

    The cost of an online store will vary greatly depending on the number of products in the store.

    Entry level WooCommerce Store - $2,900 $1,900

    The price includes:

    • All features of above Website Design & Setup
    • WooCommerce Store
    • Up to 30 products (from $15 per additional product)
    • PayPal payment integration
    • Stripe credit card payment gateway integration
    • Australia Post shipping integration

    The price excludes:

    • Same as Website Design & Setup above
    • Product images and descriptions

    Please contact us for pricing for larger stores (250 + products).

    Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)

    The cost of your business running a Google Adwords campaign consists of three main components:

    Keyword Research & Account Setup - from $500 $250

    It is critical that your Adwords budget is spent on the correct search terms (keywords) in order to maximum the number of successful leads generated from the Google Adwords campaign.

    This requires us to have an indepth discussion with business owners to fully understand their products and target market. We use specialist tools to perform our market research and competitor analysis. The more services and or products your business is wanting to advertise, the more expensive the keyword research and account set up will be.

    Google Adwords Budget - from $600 per month

    Your Google Adwords Budget is the actual amount your business with pay Google per month for displaying ads. We suggest spending at least $600 per month to make it worth while for your business.

    How it works: every time someone clicks on your advert on Google, you pay a certain amount. The amount you pay per click will depend on how competitive the keyword is and how relevant your adverts are.

    Account Management Fee - from $300 $150 per month (for first 6 months)

    This is the fee we charge for managing your account. With the use of Google Analytics we analyse and optimize your Google Adwords campaign. Over time, the more data we collect, the better we can optimize your campaign. This results in a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per click.

    We meet with clients as needed to ensure that their Google Adwords campaign is resulting in quality leads and discuss any further opportunities we have discovered while managing their account.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of various components.

    SEO Audit - $300 $100

    In order to assist your business with its SEO, we first need to conduct an SEO audit.

    The price includes:

    • Up to 10 webpages ($50 per extra page)
    • Technical inspection of website
    • Content inspection of webpages
    • Performance recommendations
    • Inbound links analysis - what businesses and directories are linking to your website
    • Online reputation analysis - what customers online think about your business

    SEO Next Steps - from $250

    Once we have conducted the SEO Audit, we produce a report for our clients including a plan of action and budget pricing. Minor SEO items will be fixed free of charge during the SEO audit where possible!

    Website Analytics (Google Analytics)

    Setup - $300 $100

    If your existing website does not already have analytics set up, we will first need to do this. We set up a Google Analytics account to collect data for a client's website. We also set up a Google Search Console account to collect Google search data to be used in conjunction with the Google Analytics data.

    Monthly Reporting - From $150 per month

    We can provide in depth monthly reporting so you can see how your website and online marketing campaigns are performing. This information can be a gold mine if used correctly!

    Google Certified


    We are proudly Google certified for both Google Adwords & Google Analytics.

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