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What is content marketing (copywriting)?

Content marketing, sometimes referred to as copywriting, is the creation of content for websites and social media profiles. It involves writing professional text that appears on the website, creating or sourcing of images to be used, and blog articles!

Why is content marketing so important?

Simply put, great websites require great content!

It is useful, interesting, and easy to digest content that makes visitors stay on your website and engage with your business.

Content marketing is also critical to your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Good content will attract more visitors. Search engines such as Google detect this and rank your website higher in their results.

Our Content Marketing Services

oso digital provides the following content marketing services in the Perth region:
  • Copywriting

    Whether you are looking for new content or would like to give your website a professional makeover, we will gladly assist.

  • Blogging

    Blogging is the regular publishing of interesting articles on your website. It is a great way to get more visitors to subscribe to your website. When used in conjunction with social media it is an effective way of increasing traffic to your website. We can create blog articles from scratch for our clients or simply train them how to publish their own articles.

  • Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is when you write blogs for other websites. The content of the blog will be related to your business and have links to your website, thereby increasing your websites traffic as well as search engine optimization (SEO)!

Content Writing Strategy

Content writing is not as easy as it may sound! Good content requires research to ensure that your website displays relevant, factual information that your visitors can benefit from.

Different styles of grammar and tones need to be used for various audiences. The most important part of developing a content writing strategy is determining who your target audience is!

Using website analytics we can see which articles your visitors like most, and very importantly which ones attract visitors that are likely to buy your products or use your services. Using this data, we can continuously improve your content marketing strategy.

Google Certified


We are proudly Google certified for both Google Adwords & Google Analytics.

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