Automatic Email Marketing Perth

Is your business still manually compiling email lists? Copying information from spreadsheets into emails? Struggling to get one-time customers to re-engage with your business?

We can assist you by automating your email marketing efforts. Not only will this save your business time, but it can also generate a lot of high quality leads!

Examples of Automatic Email Marketing

oso digital can set up an automatic email marketing system which can do the following:

  • Automatically Add Contacts to your Database

    No more manually adding email addresses and contact information into your email client.

  • Create Professional looking HTML Emails

    Create emails which look like professional single page websites with buttons, forms and more!

  • Send Newsletters & Promotions to your Contacts

    Effortlessly distribute information such as newsletters & promotional content to all of your customers and subscribers!

  • Automatically send Order Notifications

    Send your customers email notifications the moment they have placed an order with your business.

  • Automatically send Follow up Emails

    Automatically send emails asking your customers to give feedback on your products & services. Use this quality feedback to improve your business.

  • Reporting & Analysis

    Collect valuable data from responses received via email.

We can set up the automatic email marketing system for your business and train your employees how to use it. Alternatively we can manage your automatic email marketing campaigns for you. Contact us for more information.

Google Certified


We are proudly Google certified for both Google Adwords & Google Analytics.

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